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To poop in a field. Or to poop in a medow, and a bathroom or on someone's door step is to make a medow muffin.
I just made a huge medow muffin
by Rex Smith October 22, 2007
a person(s) who take a shit out in a field
you and your friends are out walking somewhere and there's not a bathroom in site, one of them has to take a shit. Your friend then says damn guys i gotta crap. Then as he walks off you point and laugh and say "ha what a medow muffin"
by The Muffinator January 27, 2007
Medowmuffin-comes from the redneckius regions of the south of Kansas. Refers to the large mounds of dried dookie left by farm animals. Mainly of the bovine or equine type. Can be seen across flat plains that gives the illusion of muffin caps laying about. If enough of the muffins can be gathered they make a nice fire. To be used when there is no firewood available.
Look at the morning frost fresh on the medowmuffins first thing of the morning in my pasture.
by Medowmuffin March 28, 2009
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