Seriously serious. On a serious note.
Yo, did you hear that new Biggie joint? That shit is MEDICAL son!!!!
Top Definition
An adjective or a noun used to describe marijuana of the highest quality. It doesn't always have to come from a medical facility to be "medical", it's now a term used for any marijuana of that caliber. It can also be used to describe hashish
"Hey man, I just got some medical and it's gonna blow our minds!"
by Kush-o-Rama August 24, 2009
Drugs; crazy; crazy drugs
You off the medical.
Take the medical turn
Damn, gps took us the medical route

You smoking the medical
by Xtrillxking July 22, 2015
Weed that is 100% and isn't laced.
John- " You sure this grass is safe?"

Don- "Dude, relax, it's completely medical."
by John Stroud January 02, 2010
often performed when joining a company/college etc. as an excuse to screen out druggies, and pervy nurses to cop a feel of yer bits/boobs.
joe failed his medical. he's up to his eyeballs in coke every other day though
by wankfest September 16, 2004

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