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The act, or habit, of attempting to fix something usually with the result of rendering the object useless and most likely dangerous. Connection to the internet sometimes occurs.
1. I completely mecrowed my car yesterday so I can't get to work. But at least I can get my emails!

2. That guy just did a mecrow on my computer now I need a new one.
by richardmecrow June 02, 2009
To perform a mecrow is to either:

a. To host a party at your home and invite everyone to get it subsequently trashed, vandalized and everything stolen.

b. To become engaged at the age of 18.
Alan- "Im still recovering from that party last night, we totally mecrow'd it!"

Dave- "I really like Juile, I think Im going to mecrow her"

Steve- "Well, when I mecrow'd Katie I didn't know the wedding would get mecrow'd"
by BewareTheOneLeggedMan May 04, 2011
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