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A word used to discribe a peculiar kid from kansas who was once a epic runescape player (see runescape) and was once a great halo player(if you dont know what halo is your an idiot).
But, now all he does is sit in irc talking to his old friends from runescape and halo. He has moved on to bigger and better things such as Cod4 and getting boob.
The thing about a mech911 is though...One day he will be on tour with slipknot and will take over the world with Clown by his side. They will rule with a iron fist and no tolerance for insubordination.
Yes it is true that it would be nice to have a mech911 as the ruler of the world. (Skittles everywhere) but, there are side effects... Such as everybody will be made to listen slipknot everyday and everybody will be made to work on his runescape account, There are worse things that will happen but I will not go into them for they are just too vile and gruesome for any human eyes to read.
You will just have to wait for the day (Its going to come) when a mech911 rules the world. So next time you see a peculiar, dark, and mysterious kid walking the streets of kansas...before you push him into the gutter...think...this could be the mech911 never know...

Beware of the mech911....
Joe was walking down the street when he saw a kid he pushed him into the gutter.

A a few years later he regretted it because that kid turned out to be the mech911.

Joe: shit I shoulda been nice to that kid...
by WutWutWutWutWut April 12, 2008
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