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male cleavage, usually presented via low cut tops from most of the gay community.
look at that guy mincing over there... I wish I had meavage like his
by MrThomas123456789 August 30, 2010
Man's version of cleavage. Male cleavage.
Jim, the sexy librarian, showed a lot of meavage.
by Brady, Tyler, and Joseph September 21, 2008
Man-cleavage, usually formed by prominent pectoral muscles. Not to be confused with man-boobs.
When she came in from the cold, she warmed her hands in my meavage.

She gets all hot and bothered when I flash my meavage.
by Jezz_Torrent April 07, 2007
the left over grass that gets stuck to your feet after you cut the grass.
I had meavage on me last week.
by TARM July 10, 2008
another word for man clevage; when a guy shows too much chest and is unattractive.
Girl1: ewww... look at that kid.
Girl2: oh thats sooo unattractive.
Girl1: he has meavage.
Girl2: i would never date him.
by THEQU33N November 25, 2009
mega cleavage; very large and/or noticeable cleavage
When my girlfriend wore that shirt, she had some meavage going on.
by the shagmeister November 29, 2009