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An abundance of men in any given location. See also sausage fest, sausage party
When we got to the bar, there was a pretty even guy/girl ratio, but all of a sudden a meatwave hit and guys outnumbered girls 3 to 1.
by Getz May 03, 2004
(noun) Typically applied to a heterosexual female (although the term can also be used in reference to a homosexual male), meat wave describes an instance in which one experiences a prolonged period of excessive dick, commonly referred to as "meat," in a condensed period of time. A meat wave is measured relative to the usual amount of sex one has, and the relative time span in which said sexual encounters booty call occur. The term can be applied to routine variations in sexual frequency, but is most appropriately used to describe extraordinary spells of intercourse with multiple partners, which may only occur once a decade. Severe meat waves have historically been known to cause a catastrophic -- often contradictory -- rise in both self esteem and self loathing, which can sometimes trigger short-term reclusive tendencies, commonly known as a "meat retreat."
Damn girl, you've been on Zoosk for only one month and you're already in the middle of a meat wave!
by I<3NicCage86 July 08, 2013
A period of nice weather, which causes millions of barbecues to be hosted.
I've been to 6 barbecues in 4 days; there is a real meatwave going on at the moment mate!
by D_squared August 04, 2010
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