Person 1: Hey Meatspin!
Guorong: "Yes, who called me."
by Bibsters October 29, 2008
An analogue for something that is prominently of homosexual tenancies. Spawn form the site, something is said to be "meatspin" in reference to being gay or homosexual.
Oh man that was so meatspin!
your such a meatspin!
by Mugen Turvald February 14, 2008
Its when a man sticks his erect penis up another man's anus and spins it around.
Other meatspins include in the month and in the bellybutton.
Used once in the Dead or alive song.
Johnny screamed in pain as he was getting meatspinned.
by Helloiseeu February 05, 2008
The hottest tranny gay porn on the internet which is the best site to send to people to make them freak out... or alternativly to trick them which is the same site just a different url... WOOW GAY PORN!!
wow that meatspin shit is good im gona go beat off and sodomise myself now
by Cpt. Carrot July 11, 2006
A nice video where 2 handsome men spin some meat together.
Hey dude i spent 3 hours last night watching Meat Spin and went through 20000 spins :D.
by TheMLGNoscoper March 01, 2015

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