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1. vomit or get sick (after running really hard and fast in a race or a strenuous practice).
2. run and work very hard.

1. He ran so fast that he meatnorked.
2. I think I'm going to meatnork.
3. "Do you meatnork?" (Are you a hardcore runner?)
by a_z_k May 21, 2007
Meatnork noun. 1. The expression a cat gives when comprehension is questionable; 2. Any disgusting sexual practice involving cats; \\ verb. 1. The act meatnorking; \\ adj. 1. slang; To describe an event related to meatnork
1."Fluffy gave me a meatnork when I called her a lunchable."

2."You're a meatnorker!."

V 1. "I caught Fluffy meatnorking the llama segment on Nova: In the Jungle."

Adj.1. "We had a meatnorking good time!"
by Joe Twothree June 05, 2004
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