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one who scavenges for dick; or an actual hawk that swoops in on unsuspecting meat
Ainsley Harrison is such a meathawk. I had to beat her back with a broom handle to keep her talons away from my junk.
by J Makhoul February 11, 2009
12 2
a woman's vagina with spread legs
her meathawk talons bit deep, and then flew me away; or drop down and get your meathawk on
by MC Mannilow the Meathawk Ninja February 06, 2008
2 2
another word for "hands"
u need to tale ur meat hawks off my food!
by Raquel baker April 23, 2006
3 3
in the act of gargleing the marbles of your special someone, when his (or her) balls are in your mouth, make a sound like your about to hawk a loogie, or say the name of a jewish dish.
this stupid thing is telling me i have to use the word meat hawk in my example. so here you go.


by pisssscommingfrommyasss February 11, 2008
10 13