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Noun. A derogatory term for players and fans of the University of Michigan football team. It doesn't really mean anything but sounds funny and degrading, the same feeling one gets from watching the Wolverines play.
The meatchickens suck.
by suomi November 12, 2005
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A so called man who spends the bulk of his spare time pumping iron at the gym, mainly concentrating on upper body. The hormone induced,excessively bulky upper that contrasts to the relatively thinner legs give off the resemblance of a chicken bred solely for consumption.

Often sharing the same mental capacity and resolve of a chickenl; They usually work in labour intensive jobs letting other team members do the hard work as they "did upper body last night and am so sore, sorry mate" but will happily collect the same pay rate.
"I am sick of carrying these meat chickens with glass arms!"
"Did you see Todd's new profile photo? A selfy at the gym, fucking meat chicken. "
by Doublen June 28, 2015

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