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a meat mask is when a man drapes his tubesteak down anothers nose and lays his balls in here eyes.
i gave that filthy tramp a meatmask after she sucked me off.
by meathead April 22, 2005
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An omni-shredder is a small handheld device that turns anything fed into it to mulch. They're used to protect confidentiality in the workplace. If you modify it to wear it on your face and look like a mouth, you have what vorephiles call a meatmask. It puree's meat and bone and shoots a messy meat smoothie down the throat tube of the wolf-wannabe. A meatmask is illegal, like you didn't know.
"I bought a second hand broken meatmask off ebay, it gets me hot, just thinking about how many people it gobbled up."
by MEATLOVHER March 04, 2009

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