A gathering of friends where varieties of meat are consumed usually accompanied by large amounts of alcohol.
The summer meat fest included chicken, lobster, ribs, burgers and skewers on the BBQ and lots of beer.
by Oaxaca Boy June 03, 2009
Top Definition
usually a party lacking girls consisting of only guys.
Ry: yo you coming tonight?
Ty: Uh yeah pretty sure i am
Ry: its goin to be a meat fest just to let you know.
by pinkall April 14, 2006
a smat nattering of bbq meat and booze
OMG, I have to have a beer to wash out my arteries from that meatfest.
by Mr. H. June 02, 2010
a holiday on january 29th invented by a group of geniuses, when all types of animal are deep fried and consumed
we ate all kinds of animals on meat fest
by Dennis Zerega November 20, 2005
When a group of boy/girls masturbate/poke thereselves infront of each other.
"Hey dude wanna' have a meatfest on Friday?"
"Yeah sure, i'll get everyone, im gunna' release the beast!"
by Info@U June 24, 2011
Bar scene where everyone is out to get a piece of ass. Or any scene where sex seems to be the main goal. i.e. college bars.
No way am I going to that bar, total meat fest!
by freshcreamcakes February 04, 2009
when a bunch of guyz play with themselves in a circle
jordan: woah alex look over there a meat fest!
alex: u wana join? oh wait is that Josh and roger?
jordan: of course it is!
by Billy Turnstone November 09, 2007
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