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A woman with a dark droopy labia.

See also Roastbeef
"Look at that nasty razor shaved meat curtain under there on that hoe"
by Kertef Corobo January 16, 2003
286 174
The pithy vestibules often referred to as the vulva of the external female anatomy otherwise known as the labia minora, the clitoris, and the labia majora.
My meat puppet offered an encore performance between Janet's meat curtains last night.
by brother blade April 16, 2008
140 90
an unusally large, long vaginal lip.

usually refered to women that have had children.

An old woman's vaginal lips.

see roast beef
Check out the meat curtains on that bitch!
by Sabertooth nigga November 30, 2004
155 105
pussy lips
I fucked the lining out of her Meat Curtains last night!
by easy ed December 18, 2002
162 114
The curtain to the love canal, in other words the labia gaurdian of the vaginal opening.
I open the meat curtain, to see the treasurer inside it.
by Joel Pinner OSU March 30, 2003
104 78
vagina lips
Mary Jayne had her meat curtains tore up by Willy last night
by Jim January 26, 2004
170 146
New York Puerto Rican slang for a woman's vagina, specifically her labias.
Before choosing the cumdumpster or dirtbox,Ramine parted Sonja's meatcurtains, for a final inspection before inserting his raw flesh-rocket.
by "Mighty Dave Wilson" November 30, 2003
47 29