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This can mean any being that eats meat. Many human meat eaters are unaware of the cruelty in factory farms while others aware of the cruelty still continue to support it. Some humans and animals must eat meat, but for the majority of humans it is not necessary so they are only killing for pleasure.
Lions are meat eaters.
Chimpanzees are meat eaters.
Gorillas are not meat eaters.
Vegans are not meat eaters.
by hungryhotei February 01, 2005
39 60
A meat eater is a confirmed killer. Usually used in the military.
Steer clear of the Seals and Force Recon, they're meat eaters.
by Peter Bender January 11, 2010
30 8
A corrupt cop who is into serious crime
That cop's a meat eater. Supposedly he helped the mob kill a guy and ripped off a drug sealer for $500,000
by Buckley Brother February 26, 2007
36 17
A person (man or woman) who sucks cock.
Derik's a meat eater.
by gordon shumway May 23, 2005
51 39
A meat eater is someone who has a desire to put numerous dicks in their partner's mouth.
That meat eater choked my girlfriend with their penises.
by Willie Blake April 08, 2011
4 6
Someone who is not picky about the food they eat and therefore is very smart and knows that becoming a vegetarian/vegan is stupid.
The vegan became a selfish asshole, the meateater became an open-minded genius.
by weirdgirl August 08, 2003
11 17
A person or being that eats meat.


Quote 'Lauren':
"A dumbass who eats meat and therefore, does not care about animals even though they are one.They agree with torturing and slaughtering animals. they are also know as a carnivore."

Animals (Apart from humans) eat other animals, why shouldn't humans?
Bear eats Lauren, making him a meat eater.
by ZPHiNX November 07, 2004
36 45
a corrupt police officer who greedily searches for and pursues situations that they can exploit for thier own financial gain
They discovered that the latest officer assigned had a record of being a meat eater.
by The Return of Light Joker June 15, 2011
2 12