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1. one who loves arms and enjoys licking them
2. a talented writer
3. amazing artist
4. a stunningly sexy girl
1. did you just pull a meara on me..
2. wow that must be meara
3. is this by meara?
4. that girl is meara..wow
by someone April 01, 2005
1. an amazing girl. when she says she likes you, she really means it. don't waste the chance if she likes you cause she's an amazing girlfriend that any guy would die to have. she's not stuck up or bossy or mean or anything, she's a kindhearted nice pretty girl who will do anything for her friends.
"woah is that a meara"
by lolhehemwah October 05, 2011
a word for a person who is fat, useless and ugly. a dirty whore who sleeps with people after a week and has a bunch of STI's There is no gender associated with this person because they are too dirty to be classified as a male or female, they look like both.
STAND CLEAR! That THING is a meara!
by studstunna November 22, 2010