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the mean time it took was 3 seconds
by absolut_blank February 09, 2012
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A very sexy woman

Also a good way to start a conversation with a woman that you do not know and have never met before, and would like to talk to.

1. That girl right there is lookin hella mean

you can say that to your friends

or you can ask her

2. why are you so mean?

what girl wont talk to you after saying that to her? Shell be confused and wondering why you said that and it will have her thinking and intrigued and shell want to talk to you

and it will work 9 times out of 10
by i.B.shane March 23, 2009
5 3
(adjective) to be cold-hearted, selfish or several other bad qualities

(noun) Song by Taylor Swift from her album, Speak Now. It was the 3rd single, after Mine and Back to December, and preceded by The Story of Us, Sparks Fly, and Ours.
Why ya gotta be so mean?
by Meredithswiftfan13 January 01, 2012
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hardcore or vigorous
"damn, that was a mean workout"

"those are some mean snow trekker boots!"
by arkitecta84 February 22, 2010
2 1
1) Something out of the ordinary and causes tremendous impact.
2) A bitch who always thinks she's right and will not admit when she's clearly wrong. She can also be an ass at times.
1)Hey man, I was at the office the other day and ate chinese food for lunch. Right after that I had to take a mean shit.

2) Bob - Yo, I told that bitch that tomato sometimes is spelled with an "e" at the end. She told me it never is.
Tom - I know she is just fucking with you. You know she's always being mean.
by MTBRAINS March 16, 2007
9 8
when you hack someone on facebook.
Me: your mean
You: I didnt hack you on facebook!
by catcherintherye12 July 09, 2011
2 2
Something that you lyke or think is really cool.
"Far did you see that mean az car!?!"
by Reecy Hizzle July 12, 2006
12 13