The 'hood' of Mississauga, consisting of many high rise apartments, resembling a state of ghetto-ness.
"Yo Meadowvale is so ghetto man, even though it may be a try hard Scarborough."
#meadowvale #ghettovale #mdv #hood #ghetto #mississauga
by Anonymous, or am I.. October 06, 2008
Top Definition
Meadowvale is a safe, clean lower middle class neighbourhood in Mississauga. Some of it's residents possess an extremely ghetto mentality, in contrast to their comfortable lifestyle. They never tire of telling the rest of the world just how ghetto MDV is, despite the fact that it isn't.
1) "Unguarded Liqour? Let's Meadowvale this shit! MDV! MDV! MDV!"
#meadowvale #ghettovale #ghettojail #mdv #mississauga
by xMarco October 21, 2006
located in Mississauga, Toronto
Meadowvale is da hood of Sauga
#mdv #meadowvale #905 #block #ghettoville
by DeuceRidaPiru July 06, 2006
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