"through/by my fault"

an admission of guilt and culpability.

latin--both words are in the ablative; syntactically here the "ablative of means"

It's not really "my bad" as much as it is, "this happened because of my problem." it isn't nearly as casual, and significantly more causal.

Don Imus:
The Rutgers team is composed of nappy-headed ho's!

Sharpton/various self-serving whistleblowers:
blah blah blah racism

Don Imus: mea culpa, please don't fire me.
by ccluskin April 09, 2007
Top Definition
Latin for my fault. Mea being my. Culpa being fault or cause, also the root word for culpability.
Ok, shut up Mea Culpa!
Also from "Fuitcakes" by Jimmy Buffet:
Mea Culpa Mea Culpa Mea Maxima Culpa
by Evan January 20, 2005
Literally "my fault" in Latin.
Sunshine: Oh, I included the wrong phrase into the example sentence! Mea culpa.
by gerg:D December 01, 2005
A latin phrase meaning "my fault" used mainly by politicians where the action or behavior for which fault is admitted is indefensible and/or inexcusable; the phrase is employed in order to admit fault less bluntly and in a way that is not readily comprehended as such by the general population.
President Clinton eventually abandoned his efforts to explain away or defend his affair with Monica Lewinsky in the White House, and instead, Clinton's attorney issued his Client's "mea culpa" with respect to the affair.
by BA from PA October 01, 2009
my bad, or my bag. when you have made a mistake and are apologizing.
I hit your car with a rock? my bad.
by Sunshine January 22, 2004
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