The ultimate ego, selfishness and greed.
me me me everyone shout that, when will I hear you you you
by Ankido September 11, 2006
(pronounced “mee”) British and Irish slang mostly used for scumbags or low class uneducated people who replace “my” for “me”.
“I am going to me house” or “I will do it me self”
by J.V May 10, 2006
1) myself
2) author on
3) patty cake like the rest of you
Example not necessary unless you're fucken retarded
by Guh-eye May 26, 2005
In slang it means the same what "I", that's all.
"suh me luv dem" => "so i love them"
(c) shaggy ft. olvia - wild 2nite

bless ya
by Artur =) December 31, 2005
Vietnamese word for mother.
I love my Me very very much.
by KMI May 11, 2006
Me - Rootword

Me can only be used infront of a one silable word.
You've been Mewhipped

Don't make me get my Megun

Man I will Mekill you
by melgibsonhooblah April 25, 2009
As used in weight lifting, it means "Maximum Effort." Usually this is done on a separate day than DE. This is mostly used in powerlifting routines.
"I do ME Squats and Deadlifts on Monday, followed by ME Bench on Wednesday."
by Arid December 16, 2006

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