A quarter Pounder, large thick shake, and large fries. Blended into a drink.
McSlurry, the drink for every meal of the day
#mcdonalds #mcslurry #maccas #micky d's #energy drink
by ryan2171 April 14, 2008
Top Definition
A Slut, a play on the words "McFlurry" means the same as slurry
Would you like a McSlurry with that?
by XanaraX May 01, 2003
A slut that hangs out at McDonalds
That bitch is always at McDonalds shes a McSlurry having sex in the maccas toilets
#toilets #mcdonalds #slut #bitch #sex
by alexis copcock feelcock June 21, 2014
Extreme intestinal reaction to excessive quantities of junk food; undesirable final course following a burger banquet.
"Oh man, I think I just sat on my own McSlurry"
#ripsnorter #shart #sharted #follow-through #shartalanche
by Fubby May 10, 2006
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