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The creamy 'sauce' used to flavor the Fillet O'Fish at McDonalds. In reality, that 'sauce' is just the semen of a sexually deprived employee, usually male, working in the hot, sweaty, back stoves. Usual characteristics are an abundance of zits, quite skinny in body mass and has an obsession with Star Wars and Star Trek.
Yeah, I just made a new batch of McJizz for the Fillet O'Fishes...Barney, you're up next, better get cracking, these things are going fast...seems to be a hit with the women...
by dcshoekid1 April 14, 2005
the orgasmic feeling you get while/after you eat mcdonald's
Jim: wow i feel so good right now.
Matt: why do you feel so good?
Jim: i just ate mcdonald's.
Matt: oh, you're still mcjizzing.
by mcjizznator July 13, 2012
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