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to lock up a computer by hitting too many keys
I have just mcgeed my computer
by teresa pheasant June 01, 2009
When a celebrity intentionally avoids a fan because he or she is worried by the fan's overzealous admiration.

Though the action itself may continue indefinitely, the very start of the act is when the subject has been "McGeed."

The term originates from radio "sportscaster" and minor celebrity Chick McGee, whose unnatural and often frightening love for Joe Theismann has caused the famed Redskins quarterback to avoid him at all costs. At all costs.
Gentleman 1: So after I hung out with Pat Benatar, I called her like ten times and she still hasn't called back.

Gentleman 2: Looks like you've been McGeed, sucka!

Gentleman 1: Nooo! Pat, why?!
by Dr. Drift, PhD July 22, 2008