a fat boy getting jizzed in
k8tmontbille getting mc flapper by steve jones mouth saying agagagagag parfita
by katie montville albino May 26, 2008
Top Definition
a "restuarant" at a girls house that you eat at when you want a flappy fur burger or a plain flappy meat taco with no fur. i prefer the latter. McFlappers employees can include but are not limited to cock gobling semen demons, Semen Depository Sluts, Emo dome girls, and classy buisness women.

otherwise known as a whorehouse, brothel, or joe mama's pussy.

guy Dude im so hungry and horny
girl why dont u go to mcflappers
guy yea some Micky Flap sounds like a good idea....
guy *munching sounds*
girl *animal war cries*
by Tomas anderson March 27, 2007

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