A horrible school, with dirt-poor, low class people and teachers who don't properly teach and are quite biased and unprofessional. The students there are ignorant and envy everyone at better schools because they are so inferior
McFatter is a horrendous abomination
by hteey8 June 11, 2009
Top Definition
a school where all of the girls are ugly or fat and the guys are small dicked spicks who spread rumors about girls they cannot get with because they are poor, pathetic, spicky, ugly shits :)
mcfatter is NASTY, those people should be ashamed of themselves
by mcfatterisnasty April 26, 2010
is the place were all the kids that were outkasted from a real high school bc they were made fun of or just a nerd
there is a wide verity of kids at mcfatter.in a noraml highschool u have spanish, blacks, whites and then the gangs. at mcfatter u have the nerds, dorks, poindexters, geeks, gangs that r known is lord of the rings, star wars, and star trak. there r many fights with these gang rivels usally taken in a mega dance battle that is played on one of there laptops. when these fights happen usally the whole school come not to laugh but to cheer on these pimpl face fatass nerds
by joe February 07, 2005
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