A martial arts school that is solely established to make money instead of genuinely teaching martial arts. A huge percentage of mcdojos in the U.S.
Some signs of a mcdojo:
- The instructor claims to be a 10th degree black belt (highest rank possible that is achieved through lifetime of commitment and practice)
-Instructor like you to refer to him/her as master/grandmaster or some other ego boosting work
-The instructor is overweight
-The instructor walks around like a king but doesn't actually (physically) show any techniques
-The instructor has a nice/expensive car
-The instructor claims to be some kind of champion
-Lots of trophies around the dojo
-Uniforms with lots of unnecessary patches
-Young black belts
-Receiving a black belt in a short amount of time
-No one ever fails a belt test
-Lots of small children running around like it's Chucky Cheese (they are often called little tigers or little dragons or something like that)
-Outrageous prices
-No discipline
-No physical workout (no one is completely exhausted after practice)
-The school enforces point fighting
-No real self-defense
-Little to no contact in sparring
-School claiming to be "Family friendly"

-"A Black Belt School"
-Contract having an option to pay a year in advance
-Guaranteed to have a belt promotion test within 3 months of starting training
-Students showing poor technique and no power
-Young children sparring with adults (imagine being at least a teenager and sparing a 10 year old)
-Instructors claiming to be the best and having the best school
I can go on, but you get the idea.
I am a 10th Degree Black Belt in Karate and Tae Kwon Do, Grandmaster Billy Joe Bob, Ph. D. Tiger Karate McDojo is the school of CHAMPIONS
#karate #tae kwon do #point fighting #fake #money making #worthless
by vladik87 September 11, 2009
A martial arts studio that basically spits out belts to hold the attention of its students so they can suck the money out of them.
A mc dojo is when Johnny took martial arts for 5 months and got his yellow belt.Chris took martial arts for 4 weeks and got his yellow belt while being sloppy and unprepared.
#bullshit #greed #undeserving #false #marketing
by A&B March 20, 2006
Here's even more Mcdojo examples:

- There is a sign out front that says "We are a black belt school."

- You passed the exam for your black belt, but were denied your belt because your testing fee check of 200 dollars didn't clear at the bank.

-As you walk in the front door there are trophies all over the place, but you can find no evidence of your instructor competing in anything.

-Your karate/tkd instructor claims he could beat a Gracie.

-Your instructor mixes and matches different Asian languages. For example, the instructor claims to be the head of a Tae kwon Do Dojo. Tae Kwon Do is a Korean Art, but Dojo's are Japanese.

-Your instructor is nicknamed "Tiger". The most cliched nickname in all martial arts.

-Your instructor wears camouflage or an American Flag Gi.

-Your instructor claims that in order to get your Black belt you must win at least 5 trophies first.

-They have a class for 4-5 year olds called Tiny Tigers and the instructor says "Our Tiny Tigers are major ass kickers."

-If sparring is allowed it is completely one dimensional. You're taught how to score points in a tournament instead of how to defend yourself in real life.

-Your instructor claims he could defeat a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Master by side stepping and Ko'ing them when they go for a take down.

-You have to sign a rediculous contract/lease agreement to train at the school and the instructor can sue you if you break any of the agreements in the contract.

-As soon as the UFC craze hit America they went from being a Karate school to a "Mixed Martial Arts" school, but you cannot verify that your instructor has ever had a single pro MMA fight.
They promised me a black belt in six months? Welcome to the Mcdojo.
#mcdojang #mcdontgo #tae kwon dont #martial larpist #bullshido
by Zman333 June 10, 2008
A martial arts school that puts the profit motive as their highest priority. This inevitably leads to a watering-down/bastardization of the art which is the most common source of fresh (non asian-superstition derived) bullshido.

Most schools in the states are McDojos, though no school (or student of a school) will admit to being a McDojo. The exact qualifications to be a McDojo are thus highly contested. However, one thing is for certain: every Tae Kwon Do school is a McDojo (don't try to argue, you know it's true).
I learned TKD at a McDojo.
by Ashida Kim April 25, 2005
A (non-existant) martial arts school that serves french fries with its monthly bill, but more commonly known as such:

A Martial arts school which has a Korean/asian flag and an american flag, many mirrors, teaches preschoolers, black belt status awarded in approximately 2 years.

Usually associated with Tae Kwon Do(n't) and Karate.

Usually costs egregious ammounts and says it is for 'self-defense' (but it is not useful ina street fight)
So I walked into this mcdojo and utterly owned their sensai (his name was Jeff) with my Wing Chun.


"I do fry kwon do!"
by Pseudonym October 19, 2004
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