when someone who isn't very attractive tries immsensely hard to be good looking. This may involve the highlighting of hair for example or having profile pictures that looks nothing like them. It is also rumoured that mccunts wear "penn sports" shirts whilst pumping iron in the gym.
he tries hard but he's still fuck ugly, what a mccunt
by kingduffy101 September 15, 2010
Top Definition
someone who exhibits cunt behavior inside a McDonalds restaurant or at the drive thru
(Man walks up to the Macdonald's drive through speaking incoherently)
"I am the macca's mascot! Grimace will come, Birdie! Hamburgler! Happy meal!"

(Man approaches inflatable burger)
"I am Ronald. Ronald McDonald, Mascot of macca's, Double quater pounder, Lord of the fries. Are you the happy meal?

Drive-thru assistant-

"Hey! That brings in the customers, I make the deals. You wanna burger?"

(The man begins to snarl. He talks to the burger again)

"Wait for the sign, and our chicken nuggets will be released.
(Man begins to run away)

"You will perish in hot oil! Soon as I find the Happy meal!"

Drive-thru assistant

"What a McCunt!"
by GozUnlimited July 20, 2016
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