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someone who is acting like an asshole but you are calling the person out with some humore
He didnt buy me anything, what a mc asshole
Pass the control mc asshole
by TF1 June 20, 2011
1 1
Often one will go out to eat at McDonalds, only for the mexican dude at the cash register to mess your order up. A McAsshole is the stupid guys at McDonalds behind the counter constantly messing peoples simple orders up.
A: Dude all I asked for was a friggin McSalad shaker and that McAsshole gave me chicken McNuggets!

B: Lets McJump him after his shift is over.

A: Good idea. In the mean time I'll go take a McShit.
by jAkE May 06, 2005
121 77
A stupid or mean McDonald's worker that dose not know what he/ she is doing.
I would have been here sooner if that Mc asshole didn't mess up on my order.
by The real Mike Gleason October 07, 2007
48 6
A thoroughly contemptible, detestable person.
"Your being a real McAsshole!"
by SMJ October 01, 2005
84 43
an asshole who makes frequent trips to McDonald's
"no nigga i don't want a Double Cheesburger, I want a Big Mac"

"Man, you actin' like a real McAsshole"
by Niggeratchi May 20, 2010
27 6
A. Contemptible, detestable person.

B. A good way to tell a person that they are an asshole.

C. Brad Hoffman
"Your being a real McAsshole!"

"Damn you are acting like a real mcasshole."

"You're A real McAsshole Brad!"
by bizar0 November 21, 2009
34 27
guy who comes in and order alot of food and makes it hard on the kitchen workers
Joey:you see that guy that ordered 10 mcdoubles 4 quarter pounders and 2 mcchickens? Drop some 10 one and 4 one
Kyle: What a mcasshole
by Joe Willy Hill January 21, 2012
4 5