A Jap car company that has stubbornly hung with Dr. Oskermyer Weiner Wankel's rotary engine for decades longer than makes any sense. The early RX7's wheezed out about 31 horse power and produced less torque than a kid on a rocking horse. The last ones weren't much better, and did miserably in the marketplace. Equipped with more plumbing than Staten Island, rotaries can be made to made quite a few horse power for quite a few seconds. Their dying, although not worth the price of admission, is one resounding clunk followed by a colossal wheeze and a final fart. It musta taken some fantastic Gheshia blowjobs to persuade Ford to piss away millions on the latest incarnation of the would-up rubber band sounding rotary. Even mazda had sense enough to put pistons in the vast majority of their cars. Still, there's a few, very few, persnicketdy old fucks who want something inefficient and queer and Mazda's got every one of 'em in the bag.
Is that a cloud of cicadias I hear or did some queer turd just drive by in a Mazda?
by Hoze December 23, 2004
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mazda is an excellent Japanese based auto manufacturer. mazda produces high quality cars that last years & years. mazda is not as popular as Toyota orHonda, but their quality is just as good!
mazda made the RX-7, which was one of the nicest looking cars ever!
by Anonymous July 13, 2003
The only japanese car company to win at LeMan's 24 hour race. Producer of fine rotory cars, such as the RX-7. Make some of the best handling factory cars.
The mazda 4-rotor 787b could run for longer than a week with out blowing up, isn't that cool.
by Mazda Owner January 28, 2004
A Japanese Company which pioneered the Rotary engine, and is responsible for producing the most sporty cars in the 21st Century.
Popular Mazda's: Mazda2, Mazda3, Mazda6, RX-7, RX-8, Miata MX5.
Man, Mazda are soo cool because of the Mazda RX-8, which was the Australian 'Wheels' sportscar of the year. That rotary engine can kick the shit out of any WRX.
by Comrade_Quodling May 13, 2004
Producer of the renesis rotary engine that's 1.3 litre and produces a massive 280 horsepower.
Wow look at that 1.3 litre 280 horsepower mazda taking out my 5.0 litre mustang with 600 horsepowa!
by Domestic Killa! March 02, 2004
Very nice high quality vehilce, that handles exceptionally well. Very difficult to have sex with your girl in. The back seat is akward to fuck in if your 6' of taller.
Damn my back hurts, sex in the mazda is challenging. FUCK i was having intercourse in the mazda and i set the touchy alarm off
by KUPRES March 08, 2006
A Japenese car company that is well known for their rotary cars. Makes muscle loving piston fucking douchebags (see above me) very angry when 1.3l (40ci x 40ci) smokes their 5.0l cars. With only 3 major moving parts in a rotary engine, and less friction than a reciprocating motor they can rev up to 12,000rpm with a bridgeport. It is the replacement for displacement.

- The 13B rotary engine in the 1989-1991 RX-7 has the highest power to displacement ratio of any naturally aspirated engine produced.

For anyone who disagrees with the rotary, go ahead and search youtube.com for mazda 787b.
Hoze: "I dont like mazdas and their rotary cars"

guy: "That's funny because you don't like vagina either."

by JaredCarpenter October 27, 2007
Mazda, a Japaneze based car company that is all around a great car maker. Common, I'd like to se an American based company make a rotary engine with as much HP as the RX7
by Chris the Jap car lover August 07, 2003
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