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1 definition by JaredCarpenter

A Japenese car company that is well known for their rotary cars. Makes muscle loving piston fucking douchebags (see above me) very angry when 1.3l (40ci x 40ci) smokes their 5.0l cars. With only 3 major moving parts in a rotary engine, and less friction than a reciprocating motor they can rev up to 12,000rpm with a bridgeport. It is the replacement for displacement.

- The 13B rotary engine in the 1989-1991 RX-7 has the highest power to displacement ratio of any naturally aspirated engine produced.

For anyone who disagrees with the rotary, go ahead and search youtube.com for mazda 787b.
Hoze: "I dont like mazdas and their rotary cars"

guy: "That's funny because you don't like vagina either."

by JaredCarpenter October 27, 2007