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the most beautiful creature who could ever set eyes on. you need some of that!
by Anonymous August 02, 2003
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the awesomest girl ever, a nagh lover! Fun, ridiculous, gullible, amazing, and beautiful!
Mayuri loves "studying" in the library.
by bjjjj December 17, 2007
A stunning girl with a heart of gold. The perfect combination of beauty and brains.

The name is common in the Indian subcontinent as well as Japan and Russia.

Nicknames may be: Mayu, Maya, Yuri, Maria, Mia, etc.
A: Dude, the name "Mayuri" means peacock in Hindi.
B: Yeah, well the person is just as majestic and beautiful and graceful as the animal!
A: I agree! I wanna name my daughter "Mayuri" now!
by wifofito March 11, 2011
a big nosed gurl who works a coffee shop
oohh that mayo cut her nose while cutting carrots
by Mayo February 13, 2005

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