Combination of jelly you spread on the man's cock and semen
Store clerk: Hi, what would you like on your sandwich young man?
Carl: LOL
by Matt Ski... November 02, 2007
a condiment which everyone under 21 loves. Everybody loves it, except for a very few people, mainly people who are grossly obese, and who can't afford to get any fatter. Explains part of the reason why more kids are getting overweight.
About 95% of youth will eat and like mayonnaise, the other 5%, well, they eat miracle whip, even though miracle whip is essentially mayo based anyway.
by Phaenixdrools March 21, 2007
a girl who buys a gallon jug of mayo once a week
Jo: "im soooooo full"
other person: "then why are you eating?"
Jo: "because i LOVE mayo!"
by MrMayonnaise April 27, 2005
Exclamation: Mayonnaise must always have an exclamation mark after it when said properly.
I like MAYONNAISE!!! (as a car runs over your foot)
by Matt Bellamy April 20, 2004
what black peple dont like
the nigger doesent like mayonnaise
by n/a February 27, 2004
The inhabitants of County Mayo, Ireland.
The Mayonnaise are backward even by Irish standards.
by Rory the sheep October 01, 2009

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