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A grade 7-12 school in Lakewood,California that is run by a retarted monkey vice principal whose last name is Higgins. The security guards consist of a quiet black guy who doesn't cause problems, a stoner who is cool, a lying and over-exaggerating bitch, and the last one is a nice person. It has a VERY biased administration (let's the black students get away with everything). Mayfair's middle school administration is very laid-back and fair but the high school administration is a bunch of racist coons and very bitchy secretaries.
Takes place at Mayfair High School-
(Chris is nearly jumped by about 15 black people at school)
Higgins:alright your going to be expelled for making racial slurs.
Chris: but they started it!
(Chris is expelled for nearly being a victim and getting jumped while none of the roughly 15 others have any negative consequences)
by rideZG420 January 09, 2012
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