Lazy, unorganized drug dealer. He is known for underachieving and lack of motivation to do anything with his life. He is a dissapointment to humanity, commonly found in parent's basement. Known to attack when xbox is in danger. WILL FIGHT FOR FOOD!!!!!(though does give up easily). His xbox is his only friend and his life would be meaningless without it. Intense hatred of nazis and portugeuse people, and dislikes everyone else who is not Italian. He is recognizable by his inability to shave, lack of a haircut, and he is usually alone in a dark corner. Very probable to remain single for eternity.
Guy: Dude, I need some drugs......
Other guy: Go buy some off Maxwell, he sells them cheap.
The Guy I mentioned before: Where can I find this dude???
Other guy: You can find him in a dark corner in his parent's basement playing Xbox and guarding his food.
by SoulessGinger July 07, 2010
Top Definition
maxwells are certain crazy, unreadable types of people, who no matter how hard you try to figure them out...its a lost cause.

maxwells are amazing at random hours of the night...mhmmm, yes i know what that sounds like, and im not gonna change it...

maxwells have a tendency to make certain ppl who im not going to mention a little teensy weensy bit unnerved

but maxwells make those same unmentionable people want to laugh and smile more and thats ok...good even

and just for the record, that wasn't brutal, was it?
even in the wee hours of the am maxwell made the fact that an all-nighter was inevitable, bearable... and in fact okay.
by cutiebadootie April 04, 2007
A lover, very sweet and affectionate. Stands for what they believe. Extremely handsome, can sweep a girl off her feet! Everyone loves a Maxwell because they are charming, and great with kids. They often lose their belongings. A major tomcat, knows how to make a girl happy ;). Very loving, and a great guy to be in love with. Very much worth the while.
"Wow, that was a great night.. was definitely Maxwell!"
by tigerrrx017 February 08, 2010
Coming from "Max" and "well" these two words add up to be maxwell meaning ultimate feelgood.
dude you are so maxwell!
by flippingosh February 20, 2006
The hottest most sensitive guy any girl (or guy) could ever dream of but many non-girl/guys do dream of him.
Even though that guy is so hot he doesn't even come close to touching maxwell but he has tried.
by Maxwell Wallace June 18, 2005
A South African word for 'bollocks'. The word was coined in the 1980s by South Africans who came to realise that English men called Maxwell talk nothing but bollocks.
Pork Scotch: I've got a girlfriend.

South African person: Maxwells! That's not a girl. Its a vampire turkey from hell.
by by kenny spoffo-grumpbeetle May 29, 2009
Usually tall, sweet and loving but only to his one girl. Suprises with kisses and gifts constantly. Shows his girl how much he loves her by holding her in his great big arms. Loves caffine, lacks common sense sometimes and preforms dangerous stunts willingly. If he could he would marry his girl any day. Runs track and rides dirt bikes. An overall lover and not a fighter, smart, and HOT as hell! ENjoys his girls boobs and ass.
Oh wow Maxwell! You truly are forever mine! Marry me. ILYTDDUP :)
by Tiny little Lo-Lo February 25, 2010
A maxwell is the most amazing guy you have ever met, he stands up for people and he appreciates you for who you are, he also loves to joke around and he just wants to be around you all the time. He gives you gifts and always comments how beautiful you are, he can swing both ways, and he loves irish... he is great in bed.
Person: i need a good time

Person2:get a maxwell, he is great in bed.
by sexyyyyyyyyyyyyy30 November 04, 2010
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