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The apex of the big 3 core's (hardocore, x-core, and max-core.)
Derived from the imfamous x-core seen extensively on myspace.

Can be used to mock or praise, as shown in the examples.
(After the spotting of an overly made-up emo)
Spotter: Damn, did you see that emo *laughs*
You: Yeah, she was so max-core.

(After spotting a well designed t-shirt)
You: That shirt is max-core!
by Aleks Sav January 01, 2006
A general superlative suffixed to sentences that denotes an object's quality, a places' enjoyability, a person's likeability or to accentuate an action, etc.
That movie was awesome to the maxcore!
by Crushtor December 27, 2004