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A male's crotch, that includes the aura and feeling that exudes from said mancrotch that is projected onto others.
That Tom Jones has the world's number one mancrotch.
by Crushtor December 26, 2004
Colloquialism for cigarette. Contracted form of "duzzer." Also used in conjunction with "buzz" (v.), meaning "to drag. (on the cigarette)"
"Can I have a buzz on your duzz, bruz?"
(May I please have a puff of your cigarette, friend?)
by Crushtor July 12, 2005
A person that has a predeliction to ramble endlessly on inane topics and that seldom contributes relevant subject matter into conversations.
Nev, you never shut up, you're a regular waffletron.
by Crushtor December 26, 2004
A general superlative suffixed to sentences that denotes an object's quality, a places' enjoyability, a person's likeability or to accentuate an action, etc.
That movie was awesome to the maxcore!
by Crushtor December 27, 2004
An alternate name for Fish and Chip shop. Commonly used among older bogans with predilections for Chiko rolls.
"Oim gonna get a coupla dimmys at the fish and greasys mate"
by Crushtor February 03, 2009
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