1. Front-man of pop-rock band Say Anything; bipolar; Jewish; lover of ham and other pork products; mayonnaise addict; won't ever have rough sex with Molly Connely again.

2. May be used to refer to people other than Max Bemis who possess Bemis-like qualities.
1. Max Bemis is a mediocre artist.

2. Gaylez: Holy buns. Did you see that guy with the ham and mayo sandwich?
Gaylez: How could anyone steal from poor Arnie?
Ginger: A Max, that's who.
#ham #mayo #buns #say anything #old schul
by GAYLEY. October 06, 2008
Top Definition
The lead singer of the indie/rock band Say Anything.
Max Bemis is god, plain and simple.
by Molly Connely deserves to die February 17, 2005
Bipolar. Jewish. frontman of the band Say Anything.
Max Bemis. Jesus. King of the Jews. Their all pretty much the same thing.
#god #say anything #jew #bipolar #jesus
by ireneeSAVESTHEDAY February 27, 2008
Max is the magnificent song-writer and front man for up-and-coming rock band, Say Anything.
Max, as well as being a musical genius, is also an idol for many young people who are also suffering from bi-polar disease (or are just extremely hormonal and trying to find themselves, such as myself) and has overcome his mental blockades and succeeded in the long run
in Say Anything's latest CD, ...Is a Real Boy, Max performs all of the guitar, vocal, bass, and synth tracks, allowing his friend Coby to fill in with drums
the rest of the band plays live with them and adds to their aura, but overall, Max is the key figure behind Say Anything
elliottduuude@gmail.com: i worship Max Bemis.

somemone with no taste: he's alright...

elliottduuude@gmail.com: alright? you have no taste.
#essential #genius #musical #experiment #glory #indie #bemis #max #say #anything
by Pinnochiooo January 23, 2007
One of the greatest musicians of the 2000's.Lead singer of the band Say Anything and plays everything for the band except for the drums. His lyrics are blunt and true and you cant help but love them.
Max Bemis is a genius!
#max bemis #jewish #say anything #genius #amazing #awesome #guitar #lyrics #woe
by Theperson159 January 22, 2009
He is the handsome lead singer of the emo band Say Anything. He's a sexy bipolar Jew.
Oh my god! Max Bemis is so hot!
#sayanything #emo #music #jewish #album
by Miss Marie K March 17, 2008
The lead singer of Say Anything.

Is god.
Oh my Max Bemis!
#max bemis #say anything #god #awesome #singer
by 0908070605040321 June 30, 2011
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