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Nickname for a student at Bryn Mawr College. Bryn Mawr women often call eachother "Mawrters", with twinkling & ironic emphasis on the similarity to the word "martyr". Also muttered bitterly by scruffy, insecure, virginal Haverford men who fail to secure the affections of these goddesses of Bryn Mawr's cloistered "gothic castle" community. Haverford women tend to eye-roll and wander off in disgust when confronted with whiny Haverford men fresh from Mawrter-rejection. They are often so turned off by this display that they resort to dating Yale or Harvard (or---God forbid!---Swarthmore) men out of pure spite. Some adventurous Haverford women date Bryn Mawr women and avoid spoiled, self-obsessed Haverford men completely.
"Oh---glorious Spring! All Mawrters down to the Maypole at once!"


"I am SO into this gorgeous Mawrter, but she told me she only dates Haverford WOMEN!"
by poppysister August 21, 2006
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