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Mawmaw is a cajun word for grandmother. In south Louisiana it is almost exlusivly used.
My mawmaw is my mom's mom.
by TPaige October 09, 2007
93 13
The word for grandmother all throughout the Southern United States. It can be used for both maternal and paternal grandmother.
"Now, Carrie Ann and J.R., go tell your MawMaw Ruth that your MawMaw Ebbie will be havin' dinner with all of us on Sunday."
by Marmie Dearest March 02, 2012
16 8
someone who is being bad but not terribly bad. Little children being mischievious.
you little mawmaws get in the house now

you little mawmaw

I am from Montreal,Quebec and my mother use to call us this all the time.....she says it origins are Native Indian Mikmac (east coast Nova Scotian)
by Angela Griffith May 26, 2007
6 42