maulhoots- tobbacco (tab) mixed with weed prefferably B.C bud hit through the bong, very common in QB B.C rocker- tab on bottom weed on top ( bonghit ) BEST TAB 1. B-STONE ( blackstone cherry ) 2. CIG TAB 3. anything but pom pom and R&J
wanna go blast some tokes ( assuming u already hit maul )
do u wanna hit maul or rocker
lets chop a fatty maulpile and roast some maulhoots
by MAULHOOTS July 25, 2009
Top Definition
A bong tokes in which the bowl is packed with a mixture of tobacco and weet. Known to be much more dominating than straight green. See rocker and moiler.
"Maul hoots fo' life"
by nigs G June 09, 2009
Tobacco and Weed mixed, than put in a bowl and hooted through a bong.
Toke tabbage and cabbage in a bong. Therefore smoking a maul hoot.
by Tommy-boy March 23, 2009
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