a man proud of his small stature and small dick(if you can call it one)....sucks at life, most of all poker and always backs losing teams
leave it to maui-wowee to fold on a full house ace high
by Villa February 16, 2005
Top Definition
A person who makes up slang words and terms in the hopes of getting other individuals to spend hours figuring out the meaning of said word or term.
Umair, quit being such a maui wowee. I have better things to do with my time than contemplate your fictitious terms.
by WestCoastLisa February 10, 2006
N - a wee man who puts heavy emphasis into some syllables of words but not others; any person who is the brunt of many jokes and friendly banter (esp. involving his litte sister).
Guy: Hey dude, I screwed your sister last night
Maui: Oh...my...GODDDD!
Guy: haha just kidding, you're such a Maui-Wowee
by ryanizzle February 17, 2005
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