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Is a fugly douchbag with no taste, in the past he has had crushes on MANY blonde girls. But in the past he has had a crush on a Hannah sweet heart, but everyone hated him for THAT. He is a fugly blonde jerk with no scent. He is such a banana head and such an idiot. He has no taste and has a major in pole dancing and good ole country stripping.
"Hey look at that Matvey idiot" matnah
by he he he he he August 09, 2015
Extremely ugly guy attracted to blond girls and possibly drama, always wants to involve himself into lots of drama and plays, loving dramatic girls and he's a country stripper pole dancing 24/7
"Hey did you guys see Banana and Matvey."
by he he he he he August 09, 2015

A guy who is firstly an amazing all-rounder. Secondly a dench-man. But he is not your average dench guy, he is almost a kind of superhero who has so much sympathy for others. Ussually he will fight for what is right. But he can have his downside.. He will always compete to be the leader and the alpha-male, which can be good at times, not so good at others..

About word: a Russian name, Having a completely different meaning in Russian.
Man I'm getting bullied! Thank god that matvey kinda guy came along!
by papapablo January 05, 2014

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