The thing that people who argue about it DON'T have.
"Maturity is learning from your mistakes."

"NO. Maturity is when you don't make mistakes anymore, AKA absolute maturity."

Yeah, not very mature people
#maturity #immaturity #experience #grown-up #adult
by MrTflrbg September 23, 2012
Maturity - The knowingness that you are old and near death, so that whenever you experience happiness, you realize your time is short and urgency brings you back into seriousness.
I woke up this morning feeling inspired by my young child and the bright sun, but quickly realized I would soon be in the dirt like my mother and father. Maturity.
#sadness #blackness #grimness #morbidity #evil
by Huike January 24, 2012
What Urban Dictionary doesn't have.
maturity? what's that? a new sex move?
#immature #mature #dumb #smart #ok bye
by GJTobi July 06, 2014
n: A word reffering to the slow and painful process by which the human soul dies, and then proceeds to rot. This process ends when someone becomes fully mature, and are thus devoid of all joy and personality.
My dad represents maturity, he works 9 to 5 in a cubicle for 5 days a week. He also respects women, and never tells any racist or crude jokes. That poor bastard...

Mom: "You kids stop having fun this instant! Honestly, you need to be more mature."
#maturity #mature #immature #infantile #childish #adultlike
by X0cowbell0X January 23, 2011
A word that pertains to becoming old and boring.
by Anonymous September 12, 2003
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