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A sexual orientation. Individuals who categorize themselves as mattsexual are sexually attracted to or aroused by individuals named Matt, most specifically a certain Matt who lives in the New York area. It is possible, and common to be mattsexual regardless of other sexualities. Heterosexuals, homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, asexuals, and peoples of all other sexualities have all cited being mattsexual as well. Matt is the sexiest human being ever to exist. His well-spoken, compassionate, lyrical kindhearted smoothies truly bring all the boys to the yard.
I am 100% hella Mattsexual.

I'd always known inside that I was Mattsexual, but one look at the boi and I was like damn, son. I am for sure Mattsexual.

Son, let me tell you a thing. I am Mattsexual. And that is totally okay.
by MCD December 16, 2013
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