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The atmosphere around a Matthew.
Being near a Matthew makes one aspire to become better, want more, love deeper and see farther. He encourages you without words to dream big and to take chances.

You only need a fraction of time with a Matt to feel his energy working inside of you.

The gravity with which he possesses in being a firm, solid, resolute and unwavering person, attracts others to him.
Only someone willing to orbit this amazing body that is a star, forever, can become part of his system.
But just like the moon, his magnetic field waxes and wanes, and so only the strongest of people can fluctuate beside him without having their own gravity affected; either pushing them away or pulling them even closer.
It is true that this being deserves the absolute best, but I fear it may take a lifetime for someone with an equally powerful center to find him, as he is firmly planted in his form.
His Matthew-sphere affected everyone around him.
by sundaymorningastronaut October 06, 2013
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