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Repeats of terms on urban dictionary for this guy matt whoever he is:
Is it just me or do all the names for Matt have repeated information...Hmmm, written by the same Matt? or describing the same guy?
Here are the repeats of information in the definitions (variations of terms but same gist):

treats you like a princess, charming, sex-god, sexy Beast, creep, player, many layers, confusing, hard to read, liar, beautiful eyes, never get over him, breaks your heart, easy to fall in love with, takes your breath away, sweet, man of few words, shy, quiet, luckiest girl to have him, says all the right things, awkward
did you see all the matt-isms on urban dictionary?-girl
yeah, looks like someones trying to sell themselves -guy
OR, all these girls have had the same matt lol -girl
by Mjustsayin' May 03, 2013
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1. When someone uses a simple word, usually less than five letters, to give simple acknowledgement to the situation at hand. Does not require thought, it is always sur of the moment. Anything that sounds like something a Texan out of Texas would say is probably a Mattism
1.-'You get it Matt?'
2. 'Hey'
4. 'Ah-ha!'
Any of these used in response after another sentence qualifies as a Mattism.
by Jason Cerillo June 22, 2006
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A word used for negative feedback,

originated on a anime fan site.
user1: that revamp is such a waste of time
user2: enough with the matt-isms for today...
by luckymouse September 29, 2006
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