1. Derived from the film 'The Matrix' when the guy hell moves really fats to avoid an oncoming bullet, a matrix occurs when you do something really sneaky without anyone else noticing to avoid insult or injury. It is also similar in meaning to the word, 'smooth'.
*derek ditches a brick at paulies head, but Paulies ducks to avoid it*

Derek: Whoa man! you just fully matrixed that brick!

*Paulie steals Dereks dildo from right between his arse cheeks without him noticing*

Derek: You fully Matrixed that dildo from right between my arse cheeks!
by watnow August 24, 2006
Top Definition
To dodge an incoming object with great speed and agility. Best if only used to describe somebody dodging something without moving their feet, similar to Neo dodging the agent's bullets in the first Matrix movie.
Let's say that someone throws a basketball at your head and you dodge out of the way by leaning a certain direction, being sure to not move your feet. You have just matrixed the ball. You may now say, "Dood, I matrixed the hell out of that!"
by Bryan Ward November 08, 2006
To go from a wonderful start to a horrible finish (such as with the Matrix film trilogy).
The project started out great, but then that consultant came in and matrixed it.
by blunt_instrument November 17, 2003
When a guy/girl leans in to kiss the other person, but the other person swiftly moves their head away from the kisser ultimately avoiding the kiss.

One of the many methods of denying the 1st kiss on a date.
-Holy shit yo! that chick just MATRIXED you dawg!!


-Yo bih, if I go to kiss you, you betta not matrix me!!
by G0tch@! April 01, 2010
To win a fight by pulling off a hard and amazing technique.
He matrixed them.
by Ketsan February 05, 2004
When a philosophy teacher gets hit with a question that starts with "Isn't it just like the matrix . . . ?"
While talking about Plato's cave, Professor Brown got matrixed.
by Tony Larussa October 19, 2006
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