Top Definition
A very sexy beast.
Matej is sucha fkn sexy beast
by dsjfdjfjsdf May 29, 2011
A foreigner in all countries, besides his own. Has a delicious accent. Obsessed with the color green and Star Wars. Ginormous nerd. Abnormally smart and ridiculously good looking.
Hey, what are you doing?
Talking like a Matej with a completely sexy accent you're jealous of
by Wilma Abraham January 06, 2012
A boy who likes to lay ostrich eggs
Matej what are you doing?

i just layed an ostrich egg :)
by oisalokijd November 15, 2011
a raging homosexual
dude i think that guy over there might be a matej
by khgvhg April 03, 2011
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