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In Romanian: mataranga
It means a longer penis.
It can be a substitute for pula.
Poate iti dau cu mataranga pe la gura daca nu taci!
(Maby i'll put my penis where your mouth is if you don't shut up!)
by Bobo/Praiser May 23, 2008
Pulling a Matarangas

Being a douche, and throwing up in a common area, such as a day room or study room. Also thinking your better than everyone else, but knowing on the inside you are only going to be known as the douche who puked in the dayroom.
"I was so sparried last night that I pulled a matarangas"

"Last week I accidently matarangased in the hallway, its cool i didnt clean it up cause i was sparried"
by MilitaryClassAct August 22, 2011
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