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A woman who masturbates a man, often with the purpose of teasing him by denying him an orgasm.
The masturbatrix stroked his cock for an hour but wouldn't let him come.
#orgasm denial #masturbating #jacking him off #jerking him off #cock teasing
by vickiep August 23, 2010
a woman who, throughout the course of the day, will randomly insert objects into her vaginal cavity for the delicious pleasure she gets from it.
"OMG did you see what Sheryl just did??"

"YES! omg i cant believe she can fit a whole steel toed boot up her vagina!"

"I know, i told you it was a bad idea to take her to the footware section"

"She shoved a pencil up there when we were in school supplies, and a small child"

"Poor kid"

"She is such a masturbatrix!"

"i know"

"She must be so flappy, like a wizards sleeve!"

"uh, that's hot"
#masterbatrix #masterbate #sex #vagina #flaps #pleasure #president bush #coffee #highlighter #children #smile #rad #lol #omg #ttyl
by Courtney Swallowsaplenty September 13, 2008
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