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to masturbate.
"Yo, I'm gonna go masto now so don't come in."
by omgomgomg!!! May 05, 2010
Masturbation - polishing the bishop!
I am engaging in vicious masto!
by Ian Chode April 26, 2007
One of a small number of fans who rabidly gather around the author of the internet "tour de shite", THE MASTODON DIARIES.

Can be identified by their badge number and their incessant squealing on many forums (namely livejournal and any x-files dwelling place) but never producing anything of importance to the rest of society. Much like their favorite author. Also referred to as sheep.
If you love the Mastos then we promise to love you too! Squee! OMG!111!!eleventyone11!!1!!!1!1!111


If I were a Masto, I could qualify to draw a crazy check each month from the government.
by BridesMaid August 09, 2004

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